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Fluid analysis is a reliable, thorough, and cost-effective preventive maintenance program. It allows our customers to lower operating costs and to schedule downtime for necessary repairs.

Thompson Machinery's fluid analysis lab operates with one primary goal in mind-

"Enabling our customers to get the most out of their machines"

   Thompson knows that preventive maintenance and cost-effective before-failure repairs are two important tools that regular oil sampling can provide. To ensure that you receive the best oil analysis and recommendations, we have recently completed a full remodeling of our laboratory along with a complete upgrade of all diagnostic equipment. We now also offer three new tests: Viscosity Testing, Coolant Analysis, and Particle Count Analysis in order to give our customers a broader range of testing capabilities.

   After all of the various tests are performed, we then take the sample results and compare them to previous results. Then we give the customer an overall evaluation and recommendation. Finally an oil analysis form is then printed and mailed or faxed to the customer.

   Good oil sample data comes from proper sampling techniques ,consistent hours or mileage on each oil sample submitted, along with the weight of the oil being used. With our updated equipment and the addition of new tests, Thompson Machinery's fluid analysis lab provides the kind of complete lab services to allow you to effectively schedule maintenance and forecast repairs. Best of all, we help you keep your machines operating at top efficiency.

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